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Moulton's Seafood Restaurant (CLOSED)

178 Winthrop Street, Medford, MA 02155
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--- Winner, Best Seafood Restaurant in Boston Area, 2007 ---

Photo of Moulton's Seafood Restaurant, Medford, MA Sometimes it seems as though Bostonians have three options when it comes to dining out on seafood: Seafood shacks along the coast, high-end restaurants mostly in town, and chains. Sure, there are plenty of mid-level restaurants that have fish on their menus, but if diners are looking for seafood and seafood only, these places aren't typically the best options. With all this is mind, it comes as no surprise that Moulton's Seafood Restaurant is so beloved by those in the know, as it is a top-quality seafood restaurant that is reasonable, casual, and relatively easy to get to.

Moulton's used to be mainly a fish market, and it still looks like one from the outside, but they do have a small dining room with a handful of tables to the right of the fish market and takeout area. The dining room is a bit dark and barren, but the seafood is the main thing here, so diners are willing to overlook the lack of atmosphere for what some consider the best seafood for the money in the Boston area. The menu has all kinds of items from the sea, including fresh clam chowder, a delicious fried sole that is light and delicate, and fried sea scallops that have sweet and juicy meat and come with a delicious batter. Speaking of the batter, the fried items on the menu have a cornmeal batter that isn't greasy or heavy like so many batters can be. But for those who don't eat fried foods, Moulton's has plenty of broiled and baked entrees, including a broiled scallop dinner that greatly impresses. A local favorite at Moulton's seems to be the fisherman's platter, which includes shrimp, scallops, clams, haddock, and fries. The menu also has an item or two that are geared for those who don't care for seafood.

Moulton's is a real find, hidden in a close-knit neighborhood a few blocks north of Tufts University and a short distance away from Medford Square. For those who love seafood but don't want to drive to the ocean, spend a ton of money, or go to a chain restaurant, Moulton's is about the best alternative out there for fresh seafood, and quite possibly one of the top five places to go for seafood in the Boston area.