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Roast Beef Roundup (CLOSED)

880 Main Street, Woburn, MA 01801
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Photo of Roast Beef Roundup, Woburn, MA It is no secret that the northern suburbs of Boston (as well as the North Shore) have a huge number of roast beef joints, including some that really stand out. One such place is Nick's Famous, a place that some believe has the best roast beef in the entire Boston area. There are a handful of other great roast beef joints north of Boston, some of which seem to get very little press, including a blink-and-you-miss-it spot in Woburn with a rather odd name--Roast Beef Roundup. And while this unassuming place just north of Route 128 doesn't quite reach the heights of Nick's, it is well worth seeking out if you are a roast beef fan.

Much like Nick's Famous, Roast Beef Roundup is a plain-looking spot located in a generic strip mall, and looks like countless other sub/sandwich shops and pizza places in the Boston area. The rather tired-looking interior of the restaurant has a quasi-western theme to it, with a wagon wheel, a saddle, steer horns, and other knick-knacks scattered throughout the place (a Three Stooges poster and a picture of Elvis add to the offbeat decor). A few tables can be found at Roast Beef Roundup, but for many, it is really more of a takeout place.

Roast Beef Roundup has your typical sub-shop menu, with hamburgers, chicken wings, chicken fingers, pizza, calzones, fried seafood, and all kinds of subs and sandwiches. But the roast beef is the main thing here, and you can get it in a variety of ways, including a regular beef, a big beef, a roast beef plate, and even a roast beef po' boy, which is basically an opened-faced roast beef sandwich with gravy. No matter which configuration you go with, the roast beef is done nearly perfectly, as it is constantly being sliced fresh, is lean (but not TOO lean), it is cooked somewhere between rare and medium-rare, and it is not dried out whatsoever. The three-way (sauce, mayo, cheese) is particularly flavorful, and the slightly toasted bun adds just a bit of a crunch to the roast beef sandwiches. Options on the side include heavily salted (but tasty) steak fries as well as onion rings. Prices are about as cheap as you would expect, with most items here being well under $10.

Strange name and lack of atmosphere aside, Roast Beef Roundup is a place that serves up some seriously good roast beef. With so many choices for roast beef north of Boston, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one to go to, but this little spot in North Woburn deserves consideration, especially if you're looking for a place that is close to Route 128 and is relatively easy to find.