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Boston Restaurant Blog -- April, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Steak Tips and More at Conrad's in Norwood

It seems as though I am always trying to find a place that has steak tips equal to (or better than) the Newbridge Cafe in Chelsea, which seems to be the standard-bearer for this particular bar food item. So far, I haven't found a place that reaches the heights of the Newbridge, though a few have come close (including the Salem Wood Cafe in Malden and Sadie's in Waltham). Well, it appears that another restaurant is almost at the level of the Newbridge Cafe as well, and even if it isn't quite as good, Conrad's in Norwood may just be the best place for tips south of Boston.

photo of Conrad's, Norwood, MA Conrad's is a rather spacious spot at the southern edge of Norwood Center that almost looks more like a function room or private club from the outside, thanks to an entrance that has a theater-style look to it. The interior is separated into several areas, including a wide corridor in the front that has several tables, a bustling bar at the end of the corridor, a dining area to the right of the bar, a narrow (and quieter) dining section partitioned off to the left, and an outdoor patio further to the left. The waiting area in the front has a decent amount of seating, which is a good thing considering that the place is known for having very long waits on the weekends, as it did on our recent trip there.

So how long was our wait at Conrad's? Well, it was approximately 45 minutes even though we arrived late in the evening. We didn't wait in the front area, however, instead grabbing a couple of seats near the bar and watching some sports on the several TVs nearby. Once we were called to be seated, we were brought over to a table in the corridor that turned out to be in a particularly noisy area. Our server took our drink order, then almost immediately came back with our drinks and asked to take our food order. We ordered boneless buffalo tenders as an appetizer along with steak tips, turkey tips, and chicken teriyaki for our main dishes, but our meals came to us before the appetizer. It turns out that our server forgot to put in the order for the tenders and was very apologetic, offering to take some items off our bill because of her mistake, then immediately bringing out the tenders. The buffalo tenders were delicious, with a nice bite to the sauce and meaty hunks of chicken that had no gristle or fat on them at all. As good as they were, though, the steak tips were the star here, featuring the type of marinade that I wish I could copy in my cooking--indeed, the marinade had that smoky, robust taste that the Newbridge is famous for, and the tips themselves were juicy and tender with no waste at all. The turkey tips were nearly as good, though parts of the tips were just a tad dry, while the chicken teriyaki included a large piece of chicken smothered in a zingy sauce that was perhaps just a bit too gloppy but tasty enough. Unfortunately, we had no room for dessert, even though I had my eye on their brownie sundae.

I am still dreaming of the steak tips that we tried at Conrad's and could easily see myself going there on a weekly basis just for that dish. For those who live near this Norwood eating and drinking spot, it is certainly a terrific alternative to the Newbridge in Chelsea, though much like the Newbridge, expect a potentially long wait if you go on a weekend night.

If you want the address for the Conrad's, here it is: Conrad's, 728 Washington Street, Norwood, MA 02062. The phone number is (781) 769-3883.

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JJ said:
We love the steak tips at Conrad's. My go-to item there is the Steak Tip Caesar Salad. Always a solid, dependable meal there.
And while I don't wish to hijack the thread, I'd be remiss in not pointing out that the Colonial House has recently added Turkey Tips to their menu (as a semi-regular on the "specials" page, not in the printed & bound menu), and they are fantastic.
Posted on 4/30/12

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