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Web Resources and Utilities for Webmasters

Unlike many other Web sites, the Boston's Hidden Restaurants site was created from scratch, with all of its pages hand-coded so as to guarantee their being as streamlined and error-free as possible. Like many web designers and webmasters, we are always in need of resources and utilities to help ease the process of building a Web site. Now that our site is well-established, we have added a section for everyone from beginners looking to start a Web site to advanced programmers looking for detailed information. The links below cover a wide variety of items, some or all of which may be helpful to those who work on Web sites. Feel free to use the information given in this section, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

HTML Color Code Chart
This page features a chart of 216 Web-safe colors that you can use on your Web site. The colors here can be used within an internal or external CSS style sheet (or in embedded CSS code within a page) to add colors to a site in a quick and efficient manner.

Valid Color Names for HTML and CSS Files
Only a few colors have names that will validate with an HTML or CSS checker. The 16 colors whose names can be used are shown in a chart on this page.

ASCII Character Codes for HTML Pages
This page includes a chart showing ASCII character codes that can be used in HTML pages. ASCII numbers and, in some cases, entity names are displayed, allowing for webmasters to use codes to display both standard and non-standard characters.

Reserved Characters in HTML and XHTML
This page shows the five special characters that are reserved in HTML and XHTML. These characters should only be placed on HTML or XHTML pages in their coded version (either their ASCII numbers or entity names).

Validator, Spell Check, Link Check Utilities for Web Pages
Go to this page to find links to various Web resources, including validators for HTML and CSS pages as well as RSS feeds. Also included is a link to a spell checking utility, and another link to a link checking utility.