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Reserved Characters in HTML and XHTML

The chart below shows the five characters that have special meaning in HTML and XHTML, and therefore should be inserted into pages using only ASCII character numbers or entity names. (NOTE: To see other ASCII character numbers and names, go to our ASCII Character Codes for HTML Pages section.)

Example: Instead of writing the following sentence in an HTML or XHTML page:
<p>The restaurant is called Burritos & More.</p>

You should write it in one of the following two ways:
<p>The restaurant is called Burritos &#38; More.</p>
<p>The restaurant is called Burritos &amp; More.</p>

DescriptionASCII Number/Entity NameCharacter
quotation mark&#34; / &quot;"
ampersand&#38; / &amp;&
apostrophe&#39; / &apos;'
"less-than" sign&#60; / &lt;<
"greater-than" sign&#62; / &gt;>