Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Readers' Restaurant Posts, March-April, 2016

Each week we ask our readers (via social media) what restaurants they have been to recently, with some of these posts being shown here. The ones below are from March and April of 2016. (Please go to the main page of this section to see posts from other months.)

Posts from April 30, 2016:

Mary E. P.
Ebi sushi - this Union Square Somerville joint has really fresh and delicious fish and is a great value!

Kristen H. F.
Deuxave on Saturday night. Everything was delicious!!

Heather Y. C.
Marc I have not been to the actual restaurant but had the chance to try the food tonight at my shop during one of my painting workshops. The place is called Nikos in West Bridgewater. Thought it was great! Located on corner of route 28 and Matfield st just minutes from route 24. I hear it's the grandson of the former owner of Christos in Brockton.

Kim S.
Got a steak and cheese sub at Buccini's Mister Sub in Quincy. I'm only posting this because it was terrible. Barely any meat and they used American cheese. Horrific.

Brian S.
The Salty Pig for their Red Sauce Sunday Dinner. Everything was wonderful (people raved about the meatballs).

Craig C.
Flying Saucer Pizza in Salem. Outstanding!

Maribeth M.
Heat, the new casual incarnation in the journeyman space. Amazing--the wood fire flavors everything elegantly.

Jennifer T. W.
Saloniki Greek, it's going to be the new Greek Chipotle. Absolutely awesome, fast, fresh and so delicious.

Kristen N.
Just had lunch at Desfina in Kendall Sq. Little Greek corner spot was packed! Really enjoyed the grilled octopus and the Shrimp Desfina was tasty as well.

Frank C.
Committee at the seaport was the perfect 4pm Mediterranean nosh on a Sunday afternoon. Quiet, civilized and very tasty. Excellent cocktails.
Also went to Babbo for the fifth time. While the food is generally very good it really pisses me off that you have one go at ordering all courses at one time. They totally frown upon wandering through the menu casually based on likes or hunger level. Smacks of "eat your food and get out of here" which seems so un-Batali.

Beckie H.
Tried two new spots - Shanghai Fresh in Central Square Cambridge. Reminds me of Shanghai Gate in Allston - cheap, fast and good. And Opa Greek Yeeros in Davis Square Somerville. Adore their yogurt with two toppings you pick! They have three rotisseries - chicken, pork and beef/lamb for gyros. Great addition to that area!

Aaron C.
I went to La Cancun for lunch and El Pelon for dinner.

Marian F.
Sunday night, Legal Seafoods in Park Square. Had some almond-crusted Faroe Island salmon. It was good!

Walter N.
Had romano-crusted soft-shell crab at Legals. The dish was well prepared, but I thought it was a miss because there was too much detraction to the taste of crab goodness.

David S.
La Cascia bakery for some excellent bakery pizza,Yong Yong in Malden for delicious dry fried Chow Foon and back to BTs Smokehouse for the best brisket I've ever had, hush puppies and beef ribs- yum!

Chris T.
Izakaya ittoku and Pastoral.

Charity S.
Finally for to Ganko Ittetsu Ramen last night. I enjoyed the shoyu ramen, but hubby found the broth of miso ramen way too thick and porky for his taste.
We also had dinner at Symphony Sushi before the BSO last week, and ice cream sodas (actually a soda and a sherbet cooler) at Cabot's while out running errands on the weekend. Cabot's may be the last remaining ice cream parlor in the Boston area where they actually still know how to make an ice cream soda!

Leah K.
Pizza da Michele in Tokyo, Paletas (my kids are obsessed) also in Tokyo. Some sushi place in Kyoto that was tasty and where we took our shoes off.

Kendra P. P.
We went to NYAJ's on Sat night. I tend to boycott that choice, but gave in. It was local after a long day of baseball. I have to say that it exceeded all my expectations. Everyone from the hostess to our waiter were great and the food was MUCH better than my last experience. In fact, the service was above and beyond. Attentive, pleasant and genuine. I would not hesitate to go back now. Pleasantly surprised.

Jonathan P.
Went to Pastoral. Not bad. Not great. Just decent. I thought the pizzas at Brewer's Fork were better. Our server at Pastoral, I think, was new. She seemed to be lost. Very sweet, though. I'd go back if I were in Fort Point and wanted pizza (usually I'm not in fort point looking for pizza, though), but I wouldn't make a trip down there just to visit Pastoral.

Kim M.
McCabe's on Main in Cambridge. Nice beer selection, great service. Split the braised brisket sandwich and it was more than enough for two people.

Roseann C.
Went to Strega Prime Saturday night and enjoyed my meal (wedge salad and petite filet) very much. I was pleasantly surprised as I have found the other Strega outposts to be all scene and no substance with disappointing, overpriced food. Had Sunday lunch at CK Pearl. Nice vantage point over the Essex River. Enjoyed my food a lot (tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons, kale Caesar chicken salad). Service was quite poor (like drink sitting on the bar for 10 minutes as the waiter retrieved drinks for other tables poor). Will return, though...loved the atmosphere and the other menu items look wonderful.

Sandie B. S.
My usual on Saturday afternoon... Uno's in Swampscott. Had grilled chicken over a bed of spinach with Farro and kalamata olives. One of their 9.99 specials. Really yummy!

Linda R.
NYAJ's because it's Buck a Shuck! The Bluepoints were excellent. Or so I'm told!

Posts from April 23, 2016:

Aron L.
I ate at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Everett. Yum!
Oh! And I forgot to mention last week I went to Three Amigos Restaurant in Stoneham. Fantastic Cali-Mex and it's BYOB! Pop over to Redstone Liquors or Rapid Liquors and buy a treat to drink with dinner

Chris T.
I went to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Reading last weekend, it was decent pizza, definitely better than the previous chain place that was there but no proclamations beyond that.

Anne H.
La Posada in Arlington, Mary Chung's in Cambridge, and My Place by the Sea in Rockport.

Carol Y.
I'm so late. These have been a few weeks back. (We've recently moved to Waltham and are trying everything.) Redbird in Waltham: the most succulent and well cooked swordfish I've ever had. It's a beautifully small place that you just sink into. And Flank. They have it all right. Perfect dirty martini. A crab salad we split that was lightly savory and didn't veil its lusciousness. Oh, and the steak was good, too.

John H.
The Next Page Cafe on Broad St in Weymouth. $3 Pub Pies on Tuesdays!!

Ann M. S.
Sweet Cheeks (again)! Love that place. And, some great Sicilian pizza from Leone's in Somerville.

Nancy M.
Hojoko . Sublime....

Kristen H. F.
Gaslight in Lynnfield. Third time there...third time completely disappointed.

Jonathan P.
Finally made it over to Brewers' Fork. So good!

Christopher F. R.
New Angela's in Orient Heights for brunch - just as good as their first location with much more room.

Donna G.
Dudley Chateau in Wayland

Herb C.
We went to the Committee at Fan Pier,and had a very interesting dinner. Greek/Mediterranean cuisine in tapas format. We shared about 8 dishes, and 7 of 8 were outstanding (including beet tsatiki, lamb souvlaki, sesame coated feta, stuffed eggplant, and more that I can't remember). Ambience very good, not too noisy, all very comfortable. Would recommend highly.

Patrick M.
The salmon crudo at Select Oyster is tremendous, and the $1 per piece deal at Lucca in the North End was a good find. Excellent meatballs.

Frank C.
Bancroft in Burlington. Price performance ratio way out of whack. Mob scene. On the other hand SRC on Columbus at Mass Ave was spectacular Venetian small plates and beverages. Special note..clams; octopus; gnudi; and lamb sausage bolognese.

Paul B.
The Ming in Marshfield has reopened and the food is the best

Janet W.
Tried to go to Monroe but they were closed on a Friday?? So ended up at brick and mortar

John C.
hola - visited wink & nod yesterday - new greek menu - rabbit, boar meatballs and spanikopita like i've never seen before - perfect - ask for jillian or justin to be your server - and if you get there right at five, the place is your's - doesn't get packed until 7 or 8
also - cafe sushi in cambridge offers a seven or eight course menu - I can't remember because it was all dishes I've never had - and I've lived in japan! - atmosphere is basic but the fixed menu option is perfect, get five friends whom like sushi and sit back and enjoy

Jennifer W.
Went to Five Horses in Somerville, couldn't decide what beer I wanted, waitress offered to bring a taste of 4 so I could choose, fantastic! Oh and the food was yummy too!

Kristine M.
Stopped by Depasquale's at Night Cap Corner to take home some dinner on Monday. Sausage sub, ravioli, and meatballs. It was all great!

Susan H.
Checked out Tenoch in Somerville, also went to favorite, La Brasa and The Brewer's Fork.

Jennifer C.
Legal Test Kitchen in Seaport. Delicious with the exception of the spinach side. Also a stop in the suburbs at John Harvards. Not original, but reliable.

Mary A. C.
Warren Tavern in Charlestown - Plymouth Plantation sandwich - oh yes.

Anne L. M. B.
I went to Red Heat in Bedford Monday night.... it was very good.... going back tonight!

Robert T.
Crave- mad for chicken on kneeland. Korean fried chicken and kimchi fried rice. Also had a scallion pancake with a spicy seafood topping. They called it sushi pizza. It was inventive! Fried chicken and the rice were outstanding as always!

Sandie B. S.
Went to CPK in Boston during Marathon weekend. BIG MISTAKE!

Roseann C.
Rossetti in Lynn-lively and modern atmosphere, great service, cocktails and food-but they use lots of garlic in EVERYTHING. Vampires beware! Went with a group for hibachi at Tulip in Stoneham...not my usual choice but it was great fun-even if our chef had very poor aim with the sake! The food was good, though, and hibachi is always an entertaining spectacle full of laughs. Gaslight in Lynnfield-we sat at the bar, service was a bit sluggish to start as we had arrived between shifts, but the dirty martinis were excellent as was the cauliflower soup. Tried Cibo, a relatively new cafe in Wakefield that is owned by D'Amici's Bakery. It was decorated nicely and very inviting, but quite pricey for what we Cobb salad at $10 underwhelmed me with seemingly microwaved, rubbery rotisserie chicken. They have kind of an a la carte grilled cheese menu-a great idea and *those* sandwiches looked amazing. Next time!

Christine R.
Sole Proprieter in Worcester...OMG

Glenn F.
Oysters in Pembroke, Littlenecks n spaghetti, the pasta was fresh made in house, delicious!

John S.
The Clam Box, Wallaston Beach. Fattest clam bellies!

Joe G.
Boston Chops and The Dogwood

Posts from April 15, 2016:

Patrick S.
The new Relish Burger Bar Bistro in Waltham. It was okay with time will improve. Staff needs training on product.
Amrheins - great experience, food and ambiance. The new bar is really attractive and more spacious.

Chris T.

Richard A.
Chopps at Burlington Marriott, checking out their new Spring menu items like their Tater Tot Poutine and Lamb Lollichops. Excellent dinner with some of the best Fried Scallops around. Had lunch at Tasting Counter, which was amazing! Chef Peter Ungar never disappoints, creating such complex, well balanced, and delicious dishes. Breakfast at Iron Town Diner in Saugus, with some sweet and tasty cinnamon bun French Toast. Lunch buffet at Prince Pizzeria on Rt1. $6 for all you can eat pasta and pizza. Good value.

Ann M. S.
Landana in Burlington. Excellent service and fantastic food.

Jason P.
Walloon's Friend Chicken on Route 1 in Peabody. I had the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich topped with their sweet and smokey coleslaw, it was very good (and I'm not a chicken sandwich type of person usually) They also now have a food truck in Boston on Wednesday's for lunch.

Steve G.
Red Robin Foxboro. Delicious burger. Newer location.

Gary F.
Montien in Theater District before heading to the Steve Martin/Martin Short show. Always excellent Thai food. A reliable "go-to" place before a show. Even though they got rid of the sushi menu.

Vanessa A.
Cinderellas! Order the steak and cheese calzone, then start the diet. So good!

Judie B.
Blue on Highland in Needham - enjoyed both food and the vibe. Pad Thai at Kao Sarn in Brookline. Finally, breakfast for dinner at Johnny's Lunchonette. Who knew cabernet is a perfect match with blueberry pancakes.

Jessica C. M.
Back Alley Bacon pop up at Far From the Tree taproom. Some kind of porchetta bacon sandwich with bacon tomato relish and more bacon lol...

Frank C.
Yet another great visit to The Backroom at Moody's Provisions...they never fail to exceed expectations. King crab ravioli pictured.

Susan H.
Pier 6- tried the clam pizza -yum!

Robert T.
Not really a restaurant but I was able to get to CocoBeet in govt center as my big day out ( rehabbing a full knee replacement) for an acai bowl. It was fantastic!

John F.
Holly Crab was great! Authentic cajun at Packard's Corner. There's a nice blurb in the Improper Bostonian (page 12)

Dori W.
Delicious Torta in Arlington Center (across from the Regent) at La Victoria Taqueria. I had Al Pastor and it was flavorful, moist and just perfect with added bean puree, queso oaxaca, avocado, crema, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. The Talera bread was crispy and warm and the whole thing was under 7 dollars!

Dawn C. A.
Had a great time at Rosebud. Excellent cocktails and pie.

Sandie B. S.
I am a chain restaurant junkie. Went to 99 in Danvers and had a great spring salad with fresh strawberries,blueberries, grilled chicken,walnuts with a low fat vinaigrette dressing. 99 has really upped their game on their salads.

Melissa V.
I'm going to Petit Robert tonight... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Roseann C.
A Mano in Salem, so named for the handmade pastas on the menu (shared crostini appetizer, short rib gnocchi and pork milanese dish)-enjoyable! Volare in Revere - we love eating at the bar - it never disappoints (had burrata panzanella salad and meatballs). Also made it to the Black Cow in Newburyport - super Bloody Marys made with cucumber infused vodka, great burgers. Can't wait to sit on the deck again in summer!

Marilyn W.
Eventide in Portland, ME! Visited just last Friday, 4/8. If you're looking for a hardcore raw oyster bar with a medley of cocktails/beers/wines and seriously amazing raw oysters (of many varieties) with many different toppings, this is your place! Absolutely loved it. Incredibly spotless inside and out (including impeccably clean bathrooms). The waiters were upbeat and helpful with knowledge of a wide array of oyster choices. HOWEVER, if you're looking for atmosphere (lighting, intimate/private seating/dining), this is not your place. This is strictly catered to the oyster connoisseur.

Dee MC
wild horse cafe in beverly was great. baked haddock with a lemon caper crust, spinach & butternut squash risotto. so good!

Posts from April 8, 2016:

Leah K.
Checked our La Motta, Oath Pizza and back to our fave Little q hot pot.

Suzanne L. L.
We went to Grafton St. Pub in Harvard Sq. First time there, my meal was good (wild mushroom risotto), my husband's was o.k. (Shepherds Pie - a bit dry). The place was fun though, and good beer. And the cocktail list looked good too.

Janet W.
Bar Lola

Richard A.
Excellent Waygu burger and Smoked Gouda & Soppressata Mac N Cheese at A&B Burgers. Mediocre lunch at Smokey Bones. Tasty take-out calzones from PizzaMia in Stoneham.

Susan H.
Great fried clams at tent opening party at The Barking Crab! Also was at Outlook at the Envoy Hotel and at Pier 6.

Heather W. G.
Trina's for a dog and beer and Atwood's for nachos, beer and music! 2 of my all time favorite places!

Jay M.
Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe in Woburn. I had #10 - dumplings in spicy sour broth redolent of lime juice, chile oil and cilantro. Awesome! But be aware: cash only.

Joanie G.
I was in Portland and I had lunch at Nosh. It was phenomenal.

Edward O.
Posada Margherita, Tulum Mexico. Awesome red snapper with mushrooms. (Sorry; couldn't resist)

Mary A. L.
Just returned from Sabatino's in Wakefileld - was delicious as always

Linda R.
First visit to Trail's End Cafe. Enjoyed the food, and the bar area had a great vibe.

Katie M.
Snappy Patty

Jay L.
plough and star... great cuban

Constance B.
The Snug in Hingham! Great food and intimate atmosphere--great place to watch a game

Kristine M.
Cabot's for breakfast and shhhh we had ice cream afterwards at 10am.

Chelsea M.
Just went to b&g oysters!

John C.
society on high has a new menu featuring tapas! menu to be online soon

Posts from March 31, 2016:

Geoff W.
Last week, a friend and I had dinner at Suishaya in Chinatown for only my second meal there and were quite impressed. It's hard to tell if our opinion of Suishaya was all truly about them or if it was because of Gourmet Dumpling House. We didn't appreciate the wait at GDH, since there was only one party in sight when we put our name in, yet we waited at least a half hour while all these other people that arrived later paraded by us. As a result, we walked away and enjoyed our meal at Suishaya. Last night, had a great dinner with family at Sun Kong in Malden.

Mark R.
The Airport Grille, New Bedford

Kristine M.
Zephyr (in the Cambridge Hyatt) for their Easter brunch. Nice spread, excellent omelettes.

Jennifer W.
Tried to go to Cragie on Main for a burger, but didn't get there early enough. So we went to Atwood's Tavern, had a nice grass fed burger and the mussels with fries appetizer was super tasty!

Christopher F. R.
Kaju Tofu House in Harvard Square for Easter soup! Afterwards Swissbakers for some pastries.

Cara C. H.
The Salty Pig! Cheesy, piggy goodness.

Jason J.
The Porch in Wakefield. Awesome pulled pork sandwich

Walter N.
The Tap in Boston. Creative Colonial drinks(molasses). Appetizers were tasty,deviled eggs with fried oyster and spicy avacado smear, entrees were not generic and well prepared. discovered cod cheeks(lightly fried-old bay seasoned)---not a fan of this stringy offering.

Christine R.
Karl's Sausage Kitchen in Danvers/Peabody...OMG

Donna P. P.
P.f. chang's. Loved my shrimp dumplings and crispy honey chicken. Yum!

Steve V.
Antique Table in Winthrop. Really good Italian.

Beckie H.
The Red House in Harvard Square for the perfect special lunch: 50-cent oysters and lobster chowder. So tasty!

Kim S.
Two new places for me:
Po Boys in Newton. Very nice guy. Very good catfish po boy. Place was so disgustingly filthy. But the food was great.
Casa Portugal in Cambridge on Easter Sunday. All Brazilians and Portuguese there and the food was excellent.

Marie N.
I actually went somewhere this weekend! The British Beer Company on Main Street in Hyannis. smile emoticon LOVED IT! I ordered the steak and ale pasty, which was just perfect, and served with summer veggies--zucchini and summer squash, which was lovely. We were a party of 9--birthday party--and everyone liked what he/she ordered. And they produced a fantastically tasty chocolate cake for the birthday boy. The menu is very interesting--traditional English stuff, but many had New England or other fusions. The only negative and it's not really their fault, is that they are not really set up for a party that size. We were seated on three long tables in a row, so it wasn't good at all for talking to people more than two/three seats away from you. But the bar looks terrific, and there are really great booths that are all enclosed on three sides and look to seat 6. But I can't wait to go back!

Kevin M.
Morena's in Wakefield for the best pepper and egg sub in the universe!

Mary E. P.
Branch Line - 1/2 roast chicken - pretty fantastic!

Victor C.
Easter buffet at the Colonial Inn.

Jennifer B.
Louie's in Portsmouth, NH for a great meal. This was one new dish on their seasonal menu: semolina dumplings with crispy pork belly, prunes, and sauteed cabbage with mustard sauce. It was amazing.

Marsha B.
Eastern Standard Sat. night; rare chance Sunday to walk right in to Frank Pepe and get seated #Easter

Joe G.
Paul & Elizabeth's in Northampton Ma / Galaxy in Easthampton Ma.... I was in western Mass.

Christopher Z.
Had yet another amazing meal at Asta (, and I can't rave enough about the place. The format on the menu is set up exclusively as a tasting menu, either 3-, 5- or 8-courses, with an optional wine pairing for each course. Delicious, creative food, wonderful wine pairings and a delightful, attentive staff, what more do you need? Highly recommended, especially the "Chocolate Hailstorm" dessert they served up for dessert!!!

Jennifer C.
Eastern Standard, Tiger Mama, Popeyes, and Saloniki in the Fenway; and Luke's Lobster in the hood.

Posts from March 25, 2016:

Ann M. S.
Sweet Cheeks and China Sky

Thomas H.
Short and Main in Gloucester brought to you by the people behind Market. Fantastic Crudo selection and we went with 18 island creek oysters as well as to die for roasted almonds and wonderfully prepared meatballs then two thin crust Italian pizzas and tiramisu for dessert. The food was great but what really stood out was the impeccable service! She was always present but never intrusive knowledgable but not pushy and most importantly she knew that we were there to enjoy our company and she never tried to insert herself into our experience. All in all a perfect night!

Dan M.
Great swordfish and spaetzle at Gaslight, with exemplary classic service.

Carol O.
Daily Catch in Brookline, Corrib Pub in West Roxbury and Brunch at Brickhouse House.

Julie N.
Max & Leo's Newton Corner. Delicious.

Warren S.
Brunch at Myers & Chang - so good.

Kristen N.
Winner of the weekend was the shrimp and bacon roll from the Nom Wah Tea Parlor in NYC. Also had an excellent meal at Crave in Poughkeepsie and super tasty brussels sprouts at the cafe in the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford.

Dawn C. A.
Tamo - a bar in the hotel across from the Seaport convention center. Surprisingly interesting menu. Pretty tasty.

Walter N.
Halfway Cafe, Watertown: the deep-fried pickle chips were forgettable, chicken tenders tossed in spicy apricot glaze were handmade, decent portion and definitely hit the seet and spicy notes. American Chop Suey was a good version with good amount of ingredient. at $8,99. was impressed with Manager on duty attentiveness to guest satisfaction.

Alex C.
Tried both Branchline in Watertown and Doretta Tavern, Park Plaza area. Branchline was great- Highly recommend the chicken (obviously), fried potatoes, and the snap pea salad. We passed on the pan drippings and garlic bread dunk given the rest of our order. Saw a fellow diner chowing down on the bone in rib eye (think Flintstones) that looked incredible. The roast potatoes as well as the brownie for dessert weren't great, but service was INCREDIBLE! Doretta Tavern was the closest thing to my native Montreal Greek/Mediterranean places that I have found here so far. Portions of the "For the table" plates were small. But, Greek salad, cauliflower, couscous, lamb meatballs, oysters, all great. The octopus is next level! And the 15hr lamb and fish were divine. Can't wait to return to both these places. Diet starts now.... I swear!

Marsha B.
SRV - delicious food, outstanding service, great ambiance. Perfect in every way!

Christopher F. R.
In a Pickle in Waltham for the New Jersey Sloppy Joe - messy but worth it!

Jennifer C.
Sweet Cheeks on Wednesday with some friends I hadn't seen in ages, Legal Seafood in Chestnut Hill and Luke's Lobster for a quick lunch!

Susan H.
Ginger Man and Lone Star Taco!

Kristen H. F.
Blue Karma in Danvers. Best sushi.

Jonathan H.
Pho Linh in Quincy - so worth the trip.

Sharon C. S.
Branchline in Watertown. Sat in the Patio under heat lamps and was comfortable. Service was great! Food was fantastic. Worth the trip - if you can score a table.

Gary F.
Branch Line. It was excellent.

Francene L.
La Vita Mia in Saugus...yummy!!! Chicken cutlet special stacked with prosciutto and mozzarella and mushrooms in a white wine sauce over homemade fusilli pasta !! Huge portion - so delicious!!

Posts from March 17, 2016:

Kelley K.
Eventide up in Portland. Always great!

Jimmy C.
The Fat Cat, Charlie's Beer Garden (warm weather drinkin!), The shaking crab, The Local (John Dewar's burger), Anna's taqueria, Bison County.

Katie M.
Ocean prime

Mark R.
Pepe's, Chestnut Hill

Janet W.
Cinderella's and 5 Horses Tavern

Nina F.
Breakfast at Stephanie's in North Grafton! Also Giulia. I get around.

Kristen P.
5 Horses, RF O'Sullivans

Walter N
Jaspers Summer Shack..had shad-roe wrapped in bacon with spicy tomato sauce--delicious. steamers were sweet and the Tuna-poke was mixed with seaweed for a different take...and very tasty..

Jonah S.
Highland Kitchen and Druid

Jen P. P.
2 Jerks in Raynham. Deep fried tater tots topped with pulled pork and cheese curd = best thing ever.

Kim S.
Holly Crab. Brand new place that has fresh crawfish! The crawfish were delicious. They still don't have their liquor license so that sucked. Also got the Dungeness Crab which was more expensive than lobster but very good. It's picnic table setting in that you don't get any utensils except a plastic fork and a lobster cracker. Plastic fork isn't sufficient for digging out crab. State of the art ordering system. Very nice people. I"ll be back for the crawfish for sure once they get beer.

Cara P.
Lots of Eats Thai Kitchen in North Andover. Lovely decor, great service, and plenty of vegetarian options, including a fried brussels sprouts appetizer that I loved. But I'm a sucker for sprouts.

Dawn C. A.
Redstone Grill in Burlington. Fine place to bring my parents. State Park for Nashville hot fried chicken. Truly excellent.

Joe G.
Galway House/ Dogwood/ Grass Fed

Anne H.
Had four slices of cake delivered by a sister from Danish Pastry House Cafe in Medford. They were so good it was hard to decide which was best -- I'm going with the sacher torte, and my partner preferred the lemon raspberrry. The other chocolate cake and the mocha cheesecake were amazing, too. It was surprisingly hard to figure out where to get cake from in the evening, and seemingly impossible to get it delivered except by Family Express. Where could I have gotten great cake delivered from?

Susan H.
Brewer's Fork. Committee. Empire

Greg C.
State Park for brunch-was awesome!

Posts from March 11, 2016:

Richard A.
Delicious wine dinner at Troquet, which is consistently excellent. Great lunch with Aron at Ciao Pizza & Pasta in Chelsea. Still one of the best restaurants which not enough people know about.

Aron L.
What Richard said. Ciao Pizza And Pasta has the best Italian food I've ever eaten. Even in Italy!
Also I went to Chilli Garden, and while the American stuff was alright, the traditional Szechuan was EXCELLENT.

Gary F.
Dinner at Red Bird in Waltham. Second time this winter for us. Excellent menu, excellent food, and a very nice room. And, the acoustics are great, high ceilings, so you can actually have a conversation at your table! Plus, best thing for me, when you enter there's a single framed 8x10 photo on the front desk, it's of the Grateful Dead in front of the Wall of Sound in 1974. So I loved this place before I put a morsel of food in my mouth.
I almost forgot, went to Walnut Grille in Newton last night. A vegetarian/vegan place. My wife and I were a little skeptical going for dinner as we were both really hungry, but our friends assured us and they were right: the food was fantastic. The Gobi Manchurian cauliflower app is not to be missed. Same with the garden quesidilla. Everything the 4 of us had was excellent.

Mary S.
I'm like a broken record: Greek Corner (I have posted that a few times before) smile emoticon Also checked out Boston Public Market and enjoyed cider donuts and, something I rarely see, raclette, from Jasper Hill Farm.

Jeff J.
DeLux Cafe in the South End. Terrific food and drinks as usual - must try: roast chicken and skirt steak tacos. Cash only but there's an ATM inside

Ann M. S.
Enjoyed dinner at Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington on Saturday. Beautiful space and good food although it is expensive. Went to the Yard House in Lynnfield on Sunday. Always fun there! Had take out from the Greek Corner too.

Kate M.
Finally got Frank Pepe's. Really, really good pizza. Mmmmm.

Kristen N.
Two words: Chowder Fries. Sea Level Oyster Bar in Salem.

Sharon C. S.
Little Big Diner in Newton. Great food and service. Tiny dining room, but worth the wait.

Jimmy C.
Cuchi Cuchi | first time. Though a few dishes were hits (lamb) most were underwhelming (chicken tangine). Cool ambiance, good service and a solid drink list. I would come back for drinks pre game pre-Craigie
Amorino | my wife and I are hooked. Their silky gelato might as well be crack rocks. My go to is their affagato with hazelnut gelato.
Praline | cute French bakery in Belmont. The croissants are some of the best I had in this areas. For me it's a toss up btwn Praline and MaFrance in Arlington for French pastries. Do yourself a favor and try both!
Max and Leo's | consistently awesome pizza.
Frank's | Sadly I couldn't take on the tomahawk this time and went with the sizzler. Was afraid it would be overlooked but it was perfect.
La Casa de Pedro. After a 6 month hiatus it is now back in the rotation. Lunch isn't nearly as "fun" as dinner with the live band.
Bison County - I could drink their South Carolina sauce straight.

Jennifer C.
Union Oyster House as tradition on the anniversary of The Boston Massacre! And drinks at Post 390!

Carol Y.
Amuleto in Waltham has a nice, complex roja sauce. It was perfect with enchiladas.

Susanne S.
Tangierino in Charlestown. Delicious.

Doreen I. V.
Chez Pascal in PVD. Always wonderful -- from the cheese plate to the cassoulet and hangar steak to the spice cake. DIVINE.

Katherine H. C.
Dominick's Diner in North Andover. It is a diner at the Lawrence Memorial Airport. Cash only, great corned beef hash, and absolutely adorable. While you wait for your food, you watch the tiny planes take off and land. Will definitely be going back - who knew that a diner in the smallest of airports would be that good!

Amy H.
Sweet Cheeks BBQ. I gotta say, I liked their BBQ much more when they first opened. My ribs were WAY overdone-dry, stringy meat and mushy bones-and the pork belly was much too salty. The sides, though-mac and cheese and slaw-were terrific. And the biscuits are die-and-go-heaven good! And a co-diner thought the brisket was excellent.

Jane V.
Farmsteadtable in Newton Village. Lovely lunch. who knew Quiche could be so go and tacos with with roasted Brussels sproutswith whipped avocado!

Kate S.
Cambridge-heavy dining and drinking weekend - Atwood's Tavern (great beer selection) and Kimchi Kitchen (very tasty and hot off the stove fresh Korean food) on Friday night, Sofra (awesome mezze platter and avocado french toast) for brunch on Saturday. It was my first time at each and was very pleasantly surprised!

Christopher F. R.
Karl's in Peabody for currywurst yesterday. Last weekend had great beers and tasty charcuterie at Jack's Abbey in Framingham. Also snuck some Royal Roast Beef sammiches in during the week.

Frank C.
After a failed attempt to get into David Punch's new and tiny Little Big Diner, ended up at his Sycamore in Newton Center. Highlights: Grilled octopus; nettle pasta with braised lamb; quinoa cake for the veg-head in the family.. Memorable.

Beckie H.
Snuck up to Essex today for lunch at CK Pearl. Dig the Hunter's platter with duck prosciutto, coppa, lardo, chicken liver pate, gerkins, mustard and warm bagette

Dawn C. A.
The Baldwin Bar at Sichuan Garden II. Food and cocktails both world-class. Great atmosphere and service, too. We are so fortunate to have this place right in Woburn.

Susan W.
The Table... We enjoyed for the most course was a bit salty and don't care for the music. For sure will go back as majority was quite good.

Steve V.
Old Magoon's Saloon in Somerville. 1st time there, solid.

Leah K.
Modmarket at the Denver Airport- really tasty salads!

Keith O.
After many years living in Boston, finally made the trip to Santarpio's for pizza and a shared skewer of meats. Honestly, not impressed (but I am a long time Regina's fan, so that may cloud my review). And I know they pride themselves on surly service, but I'll never understand the adversarial posture for servers from the outset - why would you purposely make your job miserable? Also, it's 2016, feel free to abandon the "cash only" model.

Amanda W.
Maguires in Easton, food was awesome, (had the BBQ turkey tips, some of the best I've ever had!) Guinness was cold and perfect, service was great, everyone was really friendly, made you feel right at home! I also went to West End Grille in Randolph, not my first time there, I go almost once a week! Food is amazing (get the steak & cheese egg rolls app and the short rib entree, you will not be disappointed!) cold drinks, friendly bartenders (Dave and Emily are the best!), and nice atmosphere, check it out! On Sunday, went to another Randolph favorite, O'Donnells. They have a great new menu, (the calzones are to die for: buffalo chicken is my fave), as well as their pizza (we had a steak bomb one, it was awesome!), small, but cozy, considered a "townie" place, but everyone is really nice!

Posts from March 4, 2016:

Julie N.
I just had a breakfast sandwich from the new DTX Clover brick and mortar location. I am SO happy they opened up there. Now bring on the SweetGreen!

Mark R.
Muffin House Cafe, Medway, as good as advertised, cheese danish a stand out

Doreen I. V.
The Salted Slate in PVD and Trio in Narragansett. Trio has the bestest, freshest RI style calamari and the Salted Slate's homemade bucatini with creamy cauliflower sauce was tremendous.

John O.
Hit barbers crossing in Sterling last night all you can eat ribs

Jennifer W.
Went to Atlantic Fish on Friday night. It was very nice. Good fish, well prepared, but nothing mind-blowing.

Jeremy K.
Rino's Place in Eastie (finally) and despite the three-hour wait for a table (which we spent over at Kelley Square Pub), it was definitely delicious

Ann M. S.
Went to Aden and Harlow on Friday night and split the Secret Burger, Corn Pancakes and the Onion Dip and Chips. Great, fun restaurant. China Sky in Winchester on Saturday night. Best Chinese in the area. Also, had a delicious bagel sandwich from Bagelsaurus. Lots of eating this weekend. haha

Patrick S.
Super Fusion Watertown. Fresh, friendly, clean, and fabulous! Stearns & Hill's Bistro Melrose Sunday lunch menu and those prices VS brunch menu yet brunch items too. Much more offerings. Teriyaki beef appetizer could not have enough. Shrimp Scampi Pizza delish!

Jessica C. M.
Went to Moody's Backroom for apps and wine. Also tried Amuleto after work last week. Really good mexican food and the margaritas were excellent also.

Heather W. G.
Sat at the bar at Puritan & Company - highly recommend the pappardelle with braised lamb!

Sean C.
If it's not made with freshly ground beans in a French Press it ain't coffee.

Cara P.
Pho Pasteur. An oldie but a goodie.

Jack C.
Went to La Victoria in Arlington and tried to eat every taco on the menu.

Cara C. H.
The SNUG! Finally!

Richard A.
Another amazing dinner at Committee, especially lots of delicious grilled meats, from chicken to lamb. Even the fried zucchini chips rocked! And I'm not really a zucchini guy. One of my new favorites. At Ciao Pizza & Pasta, enjoyed a Short Rib & Garlic Confit wood-fired pizza which was superb. They are consistently excellent & highly recommended. At Spice of Melrose, I got takeout, Chiangmai Noodle, which was quite tasty. Had an excellent meatloaf lunch, with homemade biscuits, at The Porch in Wakefield. Lunch at Walloons in Peabody was so-so. Had the chicken sandwich and loved the crispy chicken but the roll didn't thrill me. And their biscuit was a fail.

Jeff J.
Mistral. Good food but stuffy in the dining room at dinnertime. A better play for brunch at the bar, not in the dining room

Susan H.
Drink and Alba, and Troquet tonight.

Marsha B.
Drinks and dinner at the bar Steel and Rye in Milton. Warm and cozy ambience, wonderful staff & service, delicious food! Juniper panna cotta with grapefruit thyme sorbet was to die for.

Joe B.
Dinner at Marliave. Beef Wellington was great.

Chris T.
I went to the pre-opening party for Juliet. I am so excited to check it out now that it is open for business.

Greg P.
Fogo de Chao in the Westin.

Keith O.
Capo Restaurant, good to see chef Tony Susi in the kitchen again in Boston. Monkfish piccatta very good. Nice room, pretty smooth overall for being in their first couple of weeks. Reasonable price point too.

Ian S.
Family Kitchen in Charlestown, one of the best Italian Subs around. I have yet to try anything else though.

Jimmy C.
Tried little big diner in Newton it was awesome. Enjoyed amazing pizza from Max & leos in west Newton, and made our monthly visit to Toro.

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